Flat Screen TV Installs

Whether over a fireplace or on a wall, pre-wired or retro-fitted, we are experts at installing on drywall, stone, and brick. We will provide a safe, high-quality mount and wiring for your flat screen TV. We make sure everything is properly hooked up - the right cables, connected to the right inputs and outputs to set the stage for optimum picture and sound quality.

We can assess the size and type of mount needed to match your flat screen TV and best fit your room. Whether you want it flush with the wall or on a swinging arm, you have many options for a mount. When all is said and done you'll be getting a full return on your investment with a TV that is operating at its full potential and contributing to a riveting entertainment experience. Services are also available for weather resistant outdoor installation in existing spaces/structures or new construction.



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Home Theater Installation in Atlanta


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