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Our small, veteran team has worked together since 2001 in various roles and relationships. We are experienced at design, project management, install technicalities, and advanced problem solving.

Here are a few comments our customers have recently made:

We engaged Eddie and his team to help design, wire, and install an advanced audio, video, and control system for our new home. LLE delivered a practical and economical solution that our whole family enjoys. We share a handful of streaming sources, through a matrix switch, to the four main TVs and six audio zones around our home. We use our wireless Wi-Fi tablets to control what plays where, and one button turns it all on and off. They did everything from pre-wiring the home during construction, to installing and calibrating the equipment. There were a few hiccups along the way, as with most new technology, but Eddie's team has been very responsive. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a quality home automation solution.

Karl Pennington

We selected LLE to update our existing analog home theater and multi-zone audio/video system to a digital system. They retro-fitted cables through the ceiling and walls without requiring patching and painting. They replaced my old gear, cleaned up the wiring, and streamlined the controls. On just a few iPad screens we can manage what's playing in the theater, gaming area, billiards room, and pool deck. When a conflict arose with our satellite service provider, Eddie acted as our agent in determining the resolution. The LLE team is very knowledgeable and have advanced troubleshooting skills. We recommend Eddie and his team to anyone seeking dependable home electronics services.

Keith Howell

Eddie and Travis installed our TV over the fireplace in our new home. AMAZING! It looks fabulous! Eddie and Travis were professional, knowledgeable and went the extra mile. They labeled all the wires and tie wrapped the extra length which resulted in the wiring in the cabinet looking as great as the placement of the TV. They went over everything they did and made sure I knew what was what before they left. We will definitely be calling them for future services!

Martha Roveda

LLE mounted two flat screens with cable and game connections in two bedrooms. In main living area they programmed all components to iRule. It went great - Eddie and his staff were on time and very good to work with. They are very knowledgeable and came back a few times to work some of the bugs out - no charge! I've even called Eddie on occasion with random technical questions and he always has time to answer. I will continue to use them for additional work - one day I would like to add outside speakers and sound to the patio area. Also, I will recommend to all my friends. Great experience overall.

Lorraine Mitchell

LLE sorted and rewired LAN cables, set up wireless access points for whole house and backyard pool area, upgraded TV remotes to custom iPad (outstanding!), re-installed cabling to pool cabana and hard wired to house Ethernet, ensure all TVs working properly, installed bathroom speakers. I would highly recommend Eddie Landry and his team at Landry Luxury Electronics. One of the best contractors I have had the pleasure of engaging. Communicative, knowledgeable, capable, punctual, organized, friendly and courteous, I can't say enough good things about their service. The work quality was excellent and the attention to detail impressive, they really know their way around home electronics. We were stuck between hiring electricians who typically don't do low voltage work and high end audio/video companies who want to sell you a $50K integrated system. We have a pre-wired house but it was a mess and we could not understand which cabling went where and how to take advantage of it. We just needed someone who could come in and fix our internet network and extend its wireless range, ensure we could take advantage of our current cabling and systems, harmonize to iPad universal remotes (these are really outstanding!), replace/add a component or capability like sound in the bathroom and finally provide a future path for upgrade opportunities. Eddie and his team did all of this easily and professionally. He even suggested a few additional ideas to put on the Christmas wish list, to my wife's chagrin, ha! Very highly recommended!

Barnaby and Norma Wallace-Moore

Eddie came out to hang a 65 inch LED and hook up my cable box, hide wires, and hook up my new AV Receiver to it. It went well. Eddie was on time and had his technician with him. The sound was not available for the TV apps after he left and he came back the next day and discovered that one of the HDMI wires was defective. He took the time to go above and beyond to recheck everything and work with the wire controls on anything that was dismantled. I would use this company again. Quality workmanship by people who care.

Sherry Caplan

Landry Luxury Electronics changed out a plasma TV to an HDTV and changed the network inside my house. They also installed my outdoor speakers and various Apple products. They re-wired some other products that were outdated. They did a great job and they are extremely responsive. They are the best electronics company I have ever worked with. I can call them day or night and they will take care of any issues. I would highly recommend them.

Ralph Warren

Eddie and his crew got our exercise room connected to our existing satellite provider via IR repeater. Eddie came out and gave us an overall estimate on several projects that we would like to do over time. He gladly broke each project down so we knew which ones to take care of now and which ones to wait on. He never pressured us in doing more that what we were comfortable with. Will be using this company again in the coming months to mount a TV and run all wiring through the wall.

Jennifer Good

LLE upgraded existing ten year old home theater system. Removed 55" rear projection TV, DVD, and receiver. Installed 60" plasma TV, HD receiver, Blu-Ray player, AppleTV and iPad mini remote. Hardwired system to Ethernet. Required extensive rewiring. Reduced the multiple remotes to a single iPad based control. We were unsure about exactly what we wanted to do and had several conversations with Eddie over a period of several months. Eddie and his team are extremely knowledgeable and are very tech savvy. We, however, are dinosaurs when it comes to technology. One of the problems with the current system was that it was complicated and awkward to use. Eddie helped us clarify our objectives and then gave us some great recommendations. We really felt we were in the hands of an expert. Eddie and his team arrived on time and set to work. They had everything they needed with them--even some things they didn't think they would need but ultimately did need. The job took the better part of the day. When it was done, Eddie and Travis walked us (slowly!) through how the system works and answered all of our questions. During our discussion they identified some ways in which to modify the arrangement to better suit our needs and made the necessary changes. They left and we promptly sat down and enjoyed our new home theater!

Martha Flynn

They rewired the sound and electric in the family room and basement. They were excellent. They were professional and on time. Very knowledgeable and on time.

Christi Correa

I had two TVs hooked up and one with stereo equipment purchased from Eddie. He and his associate arrived on time and ready to work. They were professional, courteous, and quick. The equipment sold to me was quality stuff and although I did not compare prices I could have purchased the stuff for I think the pricing was competitive. At first my initial thought was to mount a TV in our living room, but Eddie advised me against this and saved me some money on that and I was glad I took his advice. I'm sure mine was a small job compared to what he has done, but was a big job for me and one I needed done right. Eddie and his associate did a very good job for me and I would recommend them to anyone. Prompt, professional courteous and did a great installation for me.

Robert Appell

I needed to have a flat screen hung and called Landry Luxury Electronics for a quote. I spoke with Eddie and he came out the next day. I wanted it hung over the fireplace but didn't want any wires/cords to show. I was impressed with the job Eddie did. He made sure to hide all wires/cords and was extremely pleased with the job.

Michelle Brizendine

I e-mailed Eddie at LLE at 10:00 AM this morning and requested a quote to install two flat screen TVs and accompanying Direct TV, Blu- Ray player and sound attachments. I received a quote via e-mail within 10 minutes. He asked if he could work today because he had a cancellation. We set 1:30 PM up and he was here at 1:30 PM. He went right to work, found a couple of glitches, fixed them and completed the job in less than an hour. I am very pleased with his service, professionalism, reasonableness of price and expertise. I will recommend LLE to my family and friends and will call upon him again in the future. Expeditious, friendly, professional. You cannot go wrong with Eddie! One of the best business experiences I've ever had!

John Schultz

We had the TV wires hidden after mounting the TV. Eddie came and hid wires for us after my husband mounted our TV. He was able to fit me in very quickly and was very prompt. Eddie did a fantastic job for us and we will definitely be calling him in the future.

Jennifer Asher

Eddie installed a satellite radio antenna for us. He did a wonderful job of locating the best reception and ran the wires under the hardwood floors and out the side of the house with minimal disruption. I would definitely use his services again. He was very professional and knowledgeable.

John Small

We have used LLE several times. Recently they wall-mounted two TVs in two rooms in our new home. They are very good. They tell me what time they are coming and they show up. They always do a good job. I have never had to call them back. They always come at the time they say because everybody is busy and their price is competitive. I have asked them to provide a quote for some other work.

Ryan Cordeiro

LLE extended our Wi-Fi signal to parts of the house not receiving it. Sometimes, the best measure of service is when things don't go right. I hired LLE to get Wi-Fi to some parts of my house that weren't getting signal. They put together a system where the house wiring carries the DSL signal to repeaters in the parts that weren't getting signal. They also installed a system that turns my Kindle into a remote that runs the home theater through the Wi-Fi. It worked great. Except I kept getting knocked off line, and would have to reboot the modem, which was in the basement. I run my business out of my house, so when the Internet is down, so am I. Here's where the service comes in. Travis came back three times, including Easter Sunday, traveling long distance each time. Finally, he replaced the modem and all the wiring and connections from the point of entry to the modem. Whatever it was, that fixed it. Have signal everywhere, and never get knocked off. They were absolutely determined to get it right, they were calm, professional and good natured throughout -- even with my occasional whining. Very knowledgeable, superior service, good guys.

Mary and William Ruffin

My install: TV mount and AppleTV above my fireplace built in 1944. My walls are plaster, which complicated the operation. It was no problem for Eddie though, as he did a phenomenal job and at a very fair price! He went above and beyond the call of duty when he made a custom mount for my AppleTV box to rest atop my LCD. Then he took the time to walk me through the AppleTV features. These guys are super professional and I'll definitely use them for my next project.

Michael Parsons

Eddie installed our new 50" HDTV on our dry wall. Connected it to our Blue Ray and Direct TV receiver. He routed the cables inside our wall as well. The job was beautifully and professionally done. He is really easy to deal with. Gave us a discount since I contacted him through Angie's list. I had my own HDMI cable and wall mount, so he rebated me very fairly on the price. The installation was flawless and for next to nothing, Eddie routed the cable inside our wall. I was missing an HDMI cable for the Blue Ray. Not worth going to the store for one, Eddie had them for a very reasonable price. He was precisely on time for the appointment, calling in as he was approaching our home. Unbelievable, I know. And no hassles before, during or after. I will never install a flat screen on a wall myself as long as Eddie is around!

Francois J. Gentest

He connected my stereo system and provided me with Apple stuff. He hooked me up real nice and everything works fine.

Kimberly Thompson

Hooked-up a Bose Home Theater systems, adjusted balance of audio throughout the room and mounted the speakers. This type of work took longer than I expected. But without question, he worked hard and efficiently. It was well worth it to have it professionally done. Looks and sounds great.

Gregory Heyman

I called LLE to obtain an estimate for installing a flat screen TV above my fireplace, connect to DVR in bookcase cabinet, and conceal the wires. After reviewing pictures that I emailed, Eddie came by to insure he totally understood the job, explain to me all that was required, and provide an estimate. He completed the job within a week and we are very pleased with the work. I will call LLE again if I require future Home Theater installations.

Yolanda West

Eddie, Travis, and David mounted 2 TVs (one over the fireplace) and optimized my home computer network. I also purchased my High Def TV from him as well as other network equipment. His pricing was excellent. Finally, he set up an iPad/iPhone remote control system that is simple to use for all my family members. Eddie came out before the job to do a site inspection. He's a true pro and wanted to ensure everything would go as planned. After the inspection, his team came out and they methodically went through a white board checklist that Eddie brought out to ensure everything I asked for was done. It was a thing of beauty. 2 TV's were installed. One was beautifully mounted in the fireplace. Even the wife loves it! Ceiling speakers were installed. No wires, no mess, a superb job. Travis made sure that my network was optimized. He makes Cloe on 24 seem like a novice. Where he could hard wire an Ethernet connection he could. He introduced new technology into my house to make that happen by allowing Ethernet to travel over existing coax. Impressive! 3 routers were installed to provide seamless, high speed wireless. He installed a wiring closet that makes everything clean and organized. He even educated the ATT U- verse installer on how to set up his network. The only hiccup was a delay in receiving the TV from the distributor that Eddie ordered it from. Yet, Eddie made it right by throwing in something extra that I was going to have to pay for. Landry Luxury Electronics are what you want in a contractor. Knowledgeable, professional, and fair. I give them my highest recommendation and look forward to enjoying the fruits of their labor for years to come!

Mark Schwartz

Ease of use was a priority when we decided to update our home entertainment system. Despite some significant wiring challenges, Eddie and his team delivered a terrific system throughout our home with multiple zones and many options of entertainment - all controlled with our iPad. Their workmanship and follow up were superb. We highly recommend Eddie, Travis and the entire team at Landry Luxury Electronics. Very flexible in making adjustments throughout the project.

Daniel Foster

Had a 55 inch Smart TV mounted on the wall above our fireplace. Installed a Yamaha receiver and a Definitive Technologies speaker system with sub-woofer. Eddie and his associate tied the system all together along with a Blue-Ray 3D Samsung DVD player, and incorporated it with my AT&T U-Verse Box. Just about all functions are controlled by one remote. My first contact with Eddie was over the phone, I had left a message and was surprise to receive a returned call within 10 minutes. I was asked if I had a digital camera to take pictures of the work sight so as to give him an idea of what he would be dealing with. Within days he was on sight and it took just two days to install and mount the TV and all wiring and programing into the Yamaha receiver, Blu-Ray 3-D DVD player and U-Verse Box. I had a remodeling project going on at the time and that company had said they could do this job with an old Bose system I owned. When the remodeling job was finishing up they said I would be better off calling the Geek Squad to handle the TV mount and Speaker install as they realized this was more than they really could handle. They did run wiring for selective speaker locations. From past experience I knew I had to find professionals on a higher level than the Geek Squad. I am very happy with my re-modeling project however I learned a valuable lesson that contract electricians are not versed in home entertainment systems. I would have saved money had I called Eddie first and had him out there while walls and ceilings where opened. Eddie even stopped at Ikea and picked up and assembled a nice little inexpensive shelving unit for the equipment till I had a chance to find myself a better unit I could purchase. Eddie was available to consult over the phone to answer some early questions while I was learning to navigate the system. I am extremely happy with the work performed and am really enjoying my entertainment system and hope I can use Landry Luxury Electronics in the future.

George Ellis

Eddie has provided several services for me including setting up a new plasma TV, complete with hanging it, hooking it up to our existing audio components and hiding all wiring & re-programming all the necessary remotes. He has also re-routed our home network, including new hard- wired DSL lines on multiple floors for our Wii and internet capable TVs. He has always been completely professional and prompt and is very much a perfectionist. After installing the plasma TV, he called to make sure it was at the exact height we wanted it without me having to call him. When I told him I did want it slightly higher on the wall, he set up a time at my earliest convenience to move it. The same was true when he moved our home networking hardware from the 2nd floor of the house to the basement. He didn't leave until making sure everything worked properly including having me test my laptop and netbook in various locations to make sure the signal was adequate. I will definitely use Eddie and Landry Luxury Electronics for all my audio/visual needs and recommend him to anyone for similar services.

Kecia Picard

We used Eddie with Landry Luxury this summer to set up the home entertainment system in our new house. He and his team were everything you would want. He is knowledgeable, talented and hard working. He wouldn't leave the job until everything was completed to his high standards.

Dr. Jonathan & Christine Kaufman

It is a pleasure to sit down and watch a college football game with a HDTV installed by Eddie. He installed a new universal remote control, including streaming pictures from our computers, all with a touch of a button. It's really quite amazing. If you have a problem with 3 or 4 remotes call Eddie, and let him show you this new state of the art system. You won't be sorry!

Phil & Jennifer Polak

Eddie and his team came up with some great ideas touch screen up on the wall, hide the wires, hide all the equipment, and overcame our slightly unusual layout by installing a movable arm. They were courteous, friendly and looked after our home and equipment as if they were their own. Even better, when new U-Verse box didn't work with initial plan, Eddie researched options until everything worked the way we wanted it.

Ian & Anne-Marie Anderson

We signed on with Landry Luxury Electronics to install televisions in our living room, master bedroom and exercise room. In addition, we needed the components centrally wired into a living room cabinet and needed a connection for audio in three separate zones (front porch, back porch and living room). We had never hired an electronics contractor before and received three estimates from the start. We need not have looked any further than Eddie Landry, as there is no better contractor out there. To say we are extremely satisfied would be an understatement. Eddie and his senior technician, David, are the ultimate professionals and very dependable. From beginning to end, Eddie was a great communicator, thorough and detail-oriented. Our system was rather complex and involved working through some kinks and Landry Luxury Electronics was always responsive and quick to make the necessary adjustments. Eddie can handle anything thrown his way, often offers several options and is fairly priced. We would HIGHLY recommend Eddie's company and intend on using his services for years to come.

Corselle Capps

Eddie has equipped my office, cabin and home. Eddie tries to build what you want and watches your money like it's his own. He always makes sure you are happy and at the end of the project he is always willing to train you on his system. For me to have used Eddie three different times, he would have to be great at his job!

Steve and Corrine Head

Landry Luxury Electronics perfectly consulted, installed, and created what I wanted for my house. I had an idea and through Landry's expertise they were able to make suggestions that I would have never thought of, thus making the final result more than I expected!

Jason Watson

Eddie Landry installed our movie theater system, and did a wonderful job. He was very helpful and informative, and did a great install for us. He has also helped us out by putting many hours into repairing equipment for us on a couple of occasions. He is a very friendly and personable man who takes pride in his work.

Mike and Nancy Hecox

Eddie saw all the potential problems and solutions to our electronics needs, and gave us a number of different options for how to get the best system and the best value. I really appreciated all the time and extra effort that Eddie took to understand what we wanted. His experience and knowledge is worth its weight in gold.

Dr. Sagar Lonial

Eddie Landry has done multiple electronic jobs (both large and small) for me over the past several years. I have always been impressed with his experience, pricing and the ability he has to "think outside the box." in coming up with solutions to complicated installation challenges. Eddie has often suggested ways to save time and money and has a great attitude. He never leaves a mess behind and is very careful when working around furniture, walls and flooring. Please feel free to call me for a reference or any questions about Eddie's work or character.

Jack Morse

We've known Eddie since we moved into our home ten years ago and have used him ever since, as well as referred him to our friends. He's always very responsive, reliable, and totally trustworthy. As my husband says, "just a prince of a guy". He has handled some pretty extensive wiring issues, to putting in flat screen TVs, to installing our computers. I don't believe there's anything electronically that he can't handle - and if he does come across something, he doesn't hesitate to bring in one of his associates to handle it.

Lori and Jim Fisher



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