Types of Engagements

Turnkey Installation

In turnkey projects, we provide all of the products, wiring, cables, and services required for a successful project. Our turnkey prices are fixed and guaranteed, even if it takes us longer than estimated to complete the work. We will make equipment recommendations and keep things at a consistent quality level to fit within your budget. We have worked for many years with dozens of market leading manufacturers, and our intimate knowledge of their products leads to time and costs savings for you. We will test the system to guarantee all components are working properly. Finally, we will train you and make sure you, and your family, are comfortable operating everything.

Time and Material Projects

We also work on equipment that you have, or provide, on a time and materials basis. If you want to use some of your existing equipment, and add some new components that you provide, we will charge our hourly rate for the time it takes, and the materials required, to make it work. If you want to shop around and get your own equipment, but have us install it, we will work on a time and materials basis. If you have existing equipment not working properly, we will troubleshoot these issues on a time and materials basis.



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