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Flat Screen TV Installs

Whether over a fireplace or on a wall, pre-wired or retro-fitted, we are experts at installing on drywall, stone, and brick. We will provide a safe, high-quality mount and wiring for your flat screen TV. We make sure everything is properly hooked up - the right cables, connected to the right inputs and outputs to set the stage for optimum picture and sound quality.

We can assess the size and type of mount needed to match your flat screen TV and best fit your room. Whether you want it flush with the wall or on a swinging arm, you have many options for a mount. When all is said and done you'll be getting a full return on your investment with a TV that is operating at its full potential and contributing to a riveting entertainment experience. Services are also available for weather resistant outdoor installation in existing spaces/structures or new construction.

Surround and Sound Bars

Your home theater or your living space can feel like you are in a high tech theater with surround sound technology or sound bars. Operation of these systems can be added to your control system for a full sound experience, rivaling state of the art theaters.

Universal Remotes

One remote. All functions. Control all your home electronics from one remote, using your tablet or smartphone. Eliminate the coffee table clutter and need to keep track of numerous remotes. Using your home Wi-Fi allows control everywhere in your home.

One button turns everything on, and one button turns everything off. Optional wall mounted touch screen or docking stations can be installed in your living area. Our smart programming knows if electronics are on or off.

Hidden Equipment

Our creativity shines when we can hide your electronics equipment into a cabinet or closet. A discreet space where you can have access to it, but your guests will not see it, and you won’t have to see it. A professional touch that is a hallmark of our top of the line, home entertainment system installations.

Once the source equipment is out of sight, there are many options for convenient control, including wall mounted keypads and touch screens, hand-held universal remotes, and smart phones and tablets. We can design your system for a single universal remote, or a combination of control devices.

Streaming Devices for Movies and Music

We install devices such as Apple TV so you can enjoy streaming content from online services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime, right to your TV, home theater or devices while in your home.

We can optimize your home network to accommodate multiple family members streaming simultaneously.

Whole House Audio

When the speakers are built into your walls or ceilings, music flows through your rooms like light from the windows or cool air from the AC vents. It’s everywhere.

With one remote, using familiar taps and swipes on your smart phone or tablet screen, every room in the house or just one, can respond with your favorite music upon entering. This can be customized for each person in the family. No more struggling with outdated devices or searching for discs.

If you’re building a new house (or thoroughly renovating an old one), you have the perfect opportunity to conceal speakers and wires in your walls and ceilings. We also perform retro-fit wiring in an existing home, but it’s time consuming work, and typically costs more. If built-in speakers aren't for you, we can use compact, wireless speakers that easily fit on a bookshelf, table top, or kitchen counter.

Computer Network and Wi-Fi

We can wire your home or office to network your computers and wireless devices for the fastest connectivity and seamless operation. We setup secured control of other devices such as wireless access points and surveillance cameras.

In today’s larger homes, we can resolve weak signal areas and poor performance issues. Using the fastest Giga-bit hard-wired and latest wireless technology, we optimize for streaming music, movies, and gaming.

Home Theaters

From design of the room to the last wire, we can transform your dedicated room into a home theater that will be enjoyed for years to come. And the best of today's high-definition systems, whether 1080p or 4K/Ultra HD resolution, are capable of extraordinary image quality.

Projection systems or flat screen TVs, complete with precision surround sound systems, make the movie or sports watching experience more engaging to your family and friends.

Lighting Control

LLE designs and installs custom lighting control systems to maximize both, energy savings, and convenience. The major advantage of a lighting control system over conventional manual switches is the ability to control groups of lights, allowing complex lighting scenes to be created, each scene created for different activities in the room.

A smart lighting control system is an intelligent network based solution that incorporates communication between various inputs to provide the right amount of light where and when it is needed. Wireless lighting control systems provide additional benefits including reduced installation costs and increased flexibility over where switches and sensors may be placed.

Video Surveillance Cameras

Accessible both inside your home, and outside on your smart phone or tablet, video surveillance can both offer real-time monitoring, and play back for event reconstruction purposes.

We can design a system and help determine the appropriate equipment and configuration including popular options like high resolution, pan, tilt, zoom, night vision, or motion sensing with e-mail notifications. Whether stored on a local digital recorder, or streaming to the cloud, we can install the system that will give you peace of mind.

Structured Wiring

A robust home computer network with home automation can make your electronics at your fingertips the moment you walk in the door, or remotely from your smart phone or tablet. We offer complete pre-wire design, wiring to code specifications, and installation services so you can be confident in the operation of all your home electronics.

LLE will wire your smart home for cable or satellite TV, computer network, wireless access points, telephone, TVs over fireplaces, surround sound, home theater, hidden equipment, off-air antennas, whole house audio systems, back deck TVs, surveillance cameras, lighting control, and home automation sensors and keypads.












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