Below are our services related to the most requested projects we deliver. We are licensed, insured, unrestricted, low-voltage contractors and can complete many diverse types of projects.

Free Discovery Visit

We will meet with you at your home or office, evaluate your project space and one of our expert technicians will get to know you personally. We will ask questions to get to know your preferences, your lifestyle and functional requirements. We will offer suggestions on how today’s technology may best work for you.

Our goal is to provide a system that makes technology enjoyable and removes the barrier of worrying about how it all works. We can make it work for you. Finally, we will provide a written, itemized, turnkey quote. There is no trip charge within 35 miles of Atlanta.

Scope of Work Creation

For larger, more complex projects, we create a Scope of Work that details modifications and upgrades to each area of your home. This include wiring, wiring paths, equipment, and functional goals. We create a vision for both what it will look like in your home, and how you will control everything.

Sometimes this requires that we work with other trades, like electricians, trim carpenters, or the general contractor. We can also coordinate with the installation technicians for your services providers, like phone, Internet, or cable or satellite television.

Types of Engagements

Turnkey Installation

In turnkey projects, we provide all of the products, wiring, cables, and services required for a successful project. Our turnkey prices are fixed and guaranteed, even if it takes us longer than estimated to complete the work. We will make equipment recommendations and keep things at a consistent quality level to fit within your budget. We have worked for many years with dozens of market leading manufacturers, and our intimate knowledge of their products leads to time and costs savings for you. We will test the system to guarantee all components are working properly. Finally, we will train you and make sure you, and your family, are comfortable operating everything.

Time and Material Projects

We also work on equipment that you have, or provide, on a time and materials basis. If you want to use some of your existing equipment, and add some new components that you provide, we will charge our hourly rate for the time it takes, and the materials required, to make it work. If you want to shop around and get your own equipment, but have us install it, we will work on a time and materials basis. If you have existing equipment not working properly, we will troubleshoot these issues on a time and materials basis.

New Construction Pre-Wire

If you have a new home being built, we will meet with the general contractor or builder and coordinate the pre-wiring for your home audio, video, network, and control systems. During the building phase, wiring for future needs is easier and less expensive.

We create a wire run plan, that includes every room, and every wire required. We take pictures of wire paths, entry and exit points, and ‘future’ wiring locations. Finally, we trim each faceplate with high quality terminations to give you the highest quality throughput.

Moving Electronics to New Home

We provide a service above and beyond your typical moving and relocation service. We will come to your home and uninstall any home electronics equipment or computer equipment and re-install it at your new location.

You can rest assured your equipment will be carefully removed, packed and transported and installed at your new location. Moving services are provided on a time and materials basis. There is no trip charge within 35 miles of Atlanta.

Lightning Damage Assessments

With the occurrence of weather such as lightning, there is a potential risk of damage to your home electronic systems. This can sometimes be easily assessed and easily repaired.

Sometimes it is more extensive and major repairs will need to be completed. Our expert staff will safely assess any possible damage after a storm and make recommendations for repairs and replacements. We can incorporate an assessment to determine when investing in new equipment makes better sense than repairing older equipment.

Client Care Plans

Remote Computer Troubleshooting Services - $80 per hour

  •  Phone, E-Mail, and Text troubleshooting services
  •  We can resolve many issues by remotely accessing your computer network
  •  Billed in quarter hour ($20) increments, minimum one quarter hour

On-Site Computer Troubleshooting Services - $100 per hour

  •  On-Site computer, network, Wi-Fi troubleshooting
  •  Billed in quarter hour increments, one hour minimum.
  •  Trip Charge of $35 within 35 miles of Atlanta
  •  Does not include price of required hardware

Quarterly Service Plan – Call for Pricing

  • Phone, E-Mail, Text troubleshooting for 5 Incidents
  • On-Site troubleshooting for 1 Incident up to 4 hours
  • Response within 48 hours
  • Additional hours billed at $90 an hour
  • Trip Charge of $35 within 35 miles of Atlanta
  • Does not include price of required hardware

Annual Service Plan - Call for Pricing

  • Annual ‘Fix It’ Visit, including smoke alarm battery replacement
  • Phone, E-Mail, Text troubleshooting for 10 Incidents
  • On-Site troubleshooting for up to 4 Incidents up to 4 hours each 􏰀 Response within 24 hours
  • Additional hours billed at $90 an hour
  • Trip Charge waived within 35 miles of Atlanta
  • Does not include price of required hardware







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