Whole House Audio

When the speakers are built into your walls or ceilings, music flows through your rooms like light from the windows or cool air from the AC vents. It's everywhere.

With one remote, using familiar taps and swipes on your smart phone or tablet screen, every room in the house or just one, can respond with your favorite music upon entering. This can be customized for each person in the family. No more struggling with outdated devices or searching for discs.

If you're building a new house (or thoroughly renovating an old one), you have the perfect opportunity to conceal speakers and wires in your walls and ceilings. We also perform retro-fit wiring in an existing home, but it's time consuming work, and typically costs more. If built-in speakers aren't for you, we can use compact, wireless speakers that easily fit on a bookshelf, table top, or kitchen counter.


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